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Dr. Lakeisha has emerged into one the South’s most well known and respected board certified OB/GYN physicians. Her warm spirit, winning smile and engaging personality brings life into any event. Dr. LaKeisha’s personal story combined with a compassionate heart and a wealth of knowledge allows her to be relatable to any audience.  She empowers women with her message of “health” being your true “wealth”.

Dr. LaKeisha is an excellent teacher and experienced presenter who speaks with enthusiasm and leaves her audiences more knowledgeable and inspired to create their own path to living a more fulfilled life.

Dr. LaKeisha has a passion and a desire to help women live their best lives sexually and get them to a place of ultimate personal fulfillment by providing them with tools to be knowledgeable, empowered and skilled in their journey.

Dr. LaKeisha travels to speak at universities, corporate events, conferences, churches and nonprofits. She is called upon by local TV, print, radio and online media to give her perspective and new information on health trends in Women’s Health.


Campus Life

  • Dorm Chats
  • Sex, Contraception and Social Media
  • Date Rape: How to Stay Safe!
  • STDs – Don’t Get Burned!


  • Breast Cancer Awareness
  • Cervical Cancer Awareness
  • Can Christian women still be Sexy?
  • Clues to Staying Healthy – A Women’s Guide to a Healthy Lifestyle.


  • Sexual Harassment in the Workplace
  • Leadership for Women in Today’s Corporate Environment
  • How to Balance Work and Life in Today’s Busy World
  • Climbing the Corporate Ladder


  • Pap Smears and The New Guidelines
  • Overcoming Sexual Fears
  • Intimacy and Communicating with Your Partner
  • Navigating New Sexual Territory